Aging & Ayurveda: Nadis, Marma & Wrinkles

You maybe familiar with acupuncture based on 5,000 year old Chinese Medicine, but are you familiar with the Ayurvedic energy system, also based on 5,000 year old medicine?

As part of my own Aurore-Veda treatments, I utilize many aspects of ayurveda into my work. This ancient energy system is just one part of a complete health style that increases longevity, energy, wellness and beauty- yes, beauty!

The ayurvedic energy system of nadi lines are similar to acupuncture meridians, they are connected to marma points which are energetic cluster spots or cross points of nadi lines that can balance your dosha/constitution, stimulate sluggish organs and have the double benefit of healing the dermal layer of the skin!


There are many ways to stimulate these ancient healing pathways and by doing so you are creating biochemical changes in the body which regulate the immune, endocrine, cardiovascular system and many more.  This can be done through abhyanga massage  with dosha appropriate carriers, cymatic frequency through chromatic therapy, sound and vibration such as tuning forks and magnetic acupuncture (no needles!).  I have at my office for instance several different types of weighted tuning forks, both Pythagorean and Vedic.

Let’s take a look at some of the organ systems that can be stimulated through the Nadi lines and marma centers on the face.  This picture is taken from a diagram in my office.

This diagram shows how many different organs effect the quality of our skin, texture and even lines and wrinkles on our face!

As part of my Aurore-Vedic protocol, I implement not just ayurveda but over 25 years of research and case studies in orgonomy, anthroposophy, homeopathy and much more. Pre-mature aging maybe caused from a lot of different things, as I already outlined in my previous article on the causes of rapid age acceleration. Activating the energetic system, anywhere in the body, in order to heal itself, while taking away the stressors and ama (toxins) which impede the bodies healing process, will reactivate metabolism and increase results in whatever healing program you choose!

My Aurore-Vedic face-Lift facials and consults, activate the healing responses necessary to rebuild the dermal collagen and elastin proteins, where beauty & health coincide!

Schedule your appointment at my office in downtown Birmingham to schedule your own personal Aurore-Vedic Aging Assessment and find out what you can do to stay young…and healthy! Call Today!


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