Can’t Heal? Here’s Why….

health starts here
Dr. Aurore advocates true body mind health

You know what it is…that chronic weight you can’t lose, that chronic rash that won’t go away, auto-immune disorders..cancer.  We want to get better and enjoy life pain-free, or do we?

After 15 years of working with people doing my specialized Aurore-Vedic Detox, based on body/mind psychology, ayurveda and anthroposophy; I have made some startling discoveries into the very real resistance to healing,  we will discuss those and also look at the vegan and vegetarian wellness segment and why they can’t heal.

I have written quite a bit already about blocks to healing and the difficulties in working with vegetarianism and veganism in my Beyond Natural Cures book series.  However, I would like to do a follow up article to help others understand the complexity of this issue.

Any positive changes in health, are not without struggle, however, over the years I have seen the least progress to heal when working with vegans and vegetarians.  Before getting into the psychosis of healing the human body and the blocks within that path, one needs to realize-there are emotional blocks to healing and physical blocks to healing- in that order.

One also has to understand that when  working in the health segment, whether mentally or physically- there is a high degree of resistance, projection, transference and self-sabotage. Quite simply, when you start to feel better and make changes you will resist that change and/or create a series of mental states that effect your physical reality such as blaming your therapist, using warped perception and even lying to yourself to keep yourself from getting better.  This is the process of healing and for lack of a better term (thank you to Jane Robert’s for this book as well) – the Way Toward’s Health.

Before delving into the intricacies of healing and take a closer look at what I will affectionately term the “V group,” I would like to touch briefly on the fore mentioned book The Way Towards Health, by Jane Robert’s as it unequivocally applies to what we are discussing.

 Jane Roberts was a well-known psychic channel and author in the 1970’s and 1980’s, she would go into a trance and her husband would dictate what was said. I have to say as a naturopath that considers myself to be balanced and not very mystically inclined, I have enjoyed her books which focus on different perceptions and health.  A lot of the work coincides with Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s scientific research and have helped me develop some of my own theories and techniques.

The most riveting book, The Way Towards Health, Jane Roberts’s is in the hospital dying for unknown reasons, she was only in her 50s.  In this book, the spirit she is channeling explains that Jane knows what she needs to do to get better, but Jayne’s condition continues to deteriorate in the book until she eventually dies.  The reader is left with a feeling of frustration and yet enlightenment, as one realizes how close the psyche and physical body is connected to healing. The sense that,

“If only one can continue on a pathway to healing by leaving no stone left unturned-healing any disease or disorder is a real possibility.” – Dr. Aurore

In a non-mystical sense, Dr. Wilhelm Reich‘s 40 years of research on the body/mind connection and how we carry disease in segments where we hold emotions/energy (orgonomy), brings a scientific reality to the information that Robert’s gave. Quite simply, there is hard work that needs to be confronted and finished if you want to heal. (If this subject interest you, I invite you to read my books on body mind natural health).

Speaking on the V Group

As I already concurred, that the V group are the most difficult to help.  They tend to be staunch in their belief systems, resistant to change at any cost, overly self-assured and critical to the point of paranoia. While all people I work with tend to have these types of typical healing disrupt patterns, with the V group, these patterns reveal themselves strongly and almost immediately.

raw food tied to illness
Ayurveda teaches us that different people need different diets

Here I will demonstrate my own particular case study on the V Group resistance pattern.

  • Most of the V group I see are an imbalanced Vata constitution (air).  I don’t know if their lifestyle of eating cold or incompatible foods brought on this imbalance (vikriti) or if they were born as a Vata/air (prakriti).  I am essentially hired  by them to bring them into balance and find out what their true primary constitution is. (Vikriti is the dosha/constitutional imbalance and the prakriti is what you are born with)

If you are familiar with my books you will know that I make the assumption that all babies, for the most part are born pitta/fire  (prakriti) with an active metabolism and that it is through childhood development disruption and repression that imbalances and other doshas/constitutions develop (vikriti).

  • Without getting into a battle of the superiority of the V lifestyle, I will say that all of the V group I have seen were extremely resistant to helping themselves or making any concessions in their health, even to the detriment of their health.
  • The V group displays not just critical defense mechanism or anger towards help, often times they can lack rational thinking and will resort to mysticism to keep themselves sick. (example:”I was meditating and just felt like I shouldn’t do this or I should do that”).
  • Since so many of the V group are Vatas/air, vata’s are known to suffer from nervous disorders as their nervous system consumes excessive sugars and fatty acids. Anxiety, premature aging, thinness, thin hair, loss of hair, dry skin, constipation, dry rashes are all vata symptoms.
  • As severely imbalanced vata may experience irrational thinking and paranoia. These issues are exacerbated by vatas eating a raw or vegan diet. Cold food, lack of warmth, insufficient quality B12 and deficient EFA in the brain, causes advanced psychological issues and therefore makes it extremely difficult to work with vata’s that have advanced vata imbalance.
  • Getting vata into balance can help to soften psychological symptoms and make the symptoms more tolerable.
  • 90% of vata imbalanced clients I see are suffering from vata induced psychological symptoms.
  • Of that 90% only 10% will be able to overcome their mental symptoms enough to heal themselves and bring vata back to balance.





Leave No Stone Left Unturned

Doesn’t sound very promising?  No, it doesn’t.  It is important for me as a health advocate to make sure every person I work with understands the biggest obstacle to healing is going to be themselves. I am here to support, teach, recommend and love people towards the right way but in the end, they need to find the healing forces within and turn over the stone they have cleverly hidden.


As a naturopath that has studied with a body/mind psychologist for four years, I understand the “whole-istic” and comprehensive approach that goes into wellness.  It’s not about using fluffy affirmations and magic words (well, for some maybe initially), it’s really about reaching into the core and understanding how our surroundings taught us not to heal, taught us to stay sick and taught us to feel guilty about being happy/healthy.

I like to think of our pathway to health as the same as the giant pagan stone called the Ka’bah, in Saudi Arabia.  Every year, Muslim men make a pilgrimage (the Hajj) to go to Mecca and walk around the giant black stone.  They described themselves as changed from this ceremony, but what has really changed in Islam after a thousand years?


Are we all, not also walking and dancing around the big, heavy black stone in our own lives? Do we occasionally look at that stone and acknowledge it and then pat ourselves on the back for at least knowing it’s there?  I can say, chipping away at that stone, even a tiny bit can be enough to initiate a healing response-imagine our propensity to heal if we completely removed the “magic stone”inside of us.


I hope you enjoyed this article-share it with someone you love. Look for my Sunday column in the Oakland Press and/or contact me below for your own Aurore-Vedic Free Assessment.


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