Aurore practices many different facets of Ayurveda-not just the most common forms that the West identifies with such as yoga and most recently the diet.  Some of these practices include: Nada or Vedic sound therapy, Varna or Vedic color therapy, Abhyanga-the dosha oil massage, the use of Anupans for proper herb assimilation, the body/mind psychological aspects,  Vastu-the vedic science of furniture placement (like Feng Shui) and Jyotish which is color/gemstone therapy based on vedic astrology.  Aurore has developed advanced forms and understandings of dosha balancing through Pancha Karma which is Vedic detoxing, her Ayurvedic foot adjustment, Ayurvedic lymph detox, the connection between Ayurveda and Orgonomy, and her own form of emotionally releasing/balancing Orgone Yoga created from her studies with a licensed Orgone psychologist for three years.  Combined with Orgonomy which is an alternative body/mind psychotherapy developed by Wilhelm Reich, Anthroposophy-a balancing form of  biodynamic German healthcare developed by Rudolf Steiner and combination of different diet theories such as Stanley Burroughs work and The Weston-Price diet– Aurore has created a truly unique method of  health and healing.

We are not talking about miracle cures here and though some alternative forms of health appear to be mystical (and many are), I try to focus on what balances the body and use methods that are proven-such as the medically graded color filters I use that were developed by Dr. Darius Dinshah in the early 1900s at the Philadelphia Woman’s hospital.  Color therapy has many unreliable mystical followers, especially those who associate it with yoga/ayurveda.  I realize this.  I use my own thorough investigation, case studies and education- to shed light on some of these misunderstandings in the natural health community.  Please refer to other pages in this website and buy my books to learn more.  Please contact me with questions and/or schedule your appointment.

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