Metabolic Hand Adjustment/Reflexology

acupuncture and hands
Hands of health

My hand and foot adjustments are so popular, simply because people can see and feel immediate relief and results.  Like the foot, the hand has many comprehensive joints and bone segments. Unlike the foot, the wrist is much more prone to injury because of the many tiny bones that make up the wrist-these are called the carpals and where we get the term, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Above the carpals we have the metacarpals which extend into the hand. Then we have 3 sets of phalanges.  Surrounding these diverse bone structures are tendons, ligaments, muscles and nerves.  All of these are subject to injury, over use and stress/emotional psycho-somatic tension.

bones of the hand
A hand skeleton, carpals and phalanges

Its easy to see in this photo the intricacies of the wrist bones.  Besides that much stress and emotional repression and psychosomatic disorders are linked to the hands which are extensions of the heart, feelings- or chest segment (Reich).  My specialized metabolic hand adjustment infuses reflexology and the eight movements of release as described in my foot adjustment.  Utilizing but not limited to- essential oils, heat, magnetic acupuncture and tuning forks- enhances the experience and provides relief and sometimes an emotional response as feeling and freedom returns to the hands.

Here is an acupuncture chart-of only the top side of the hand, there are hundreds on the front and back. During our session I activate the main organ points around the finger tips. Thus, my foot and hand adjustments offer comprehensive metabolic immunity and physical structural release.  Through subsequent sessions we can work on more specific organs and issues.

acupuncture points of the hand
Acupuncture Chart

This specialized treatment is $60, please read the article on the Metabolic Foot Adjustment for more information. Dr. Aurore offers these exclusive specials:

  • A free hand or foot adjustment with each person you refer
  • Half off a hand or foot adjustment when added to another service

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