Breast Implant Detox

Over the years I have personally worked on many women with breast implant illness. 

Symptoms ranging from congested, toxic lymph, auto-immune, weight-gain, hair loss, endocrine disorders, infertility, chronic fatigue, rashes, fogginess and even dementia.

    I have complied this list of all of the services and work I am doing towards helping women over come this unfair and debilitating medical fraud.

    If you are a breast implant victim and have unexplained symptoms or have been led to believe your symptoms are NOT related to your implants by doctors that are looking for more money for your ignorance- I can help and I will help, any way I can.

    Here is how:

    1. If you are a web client and have joined my Breast Implant Detox Group by Dr. Aurore, you are eligible for special pricing for The Aurore-Vedic detox , a highly specialized and individualized organ decongestion and reactivation program, you can read about it on my website here, at
    2. My book Beyond Natural Skincare & Weightloss is a part II of my first book Beyond Natural Cures. In this book I have an entire chapter on breast health, implants and how to increase your breast size naturally. Also available through my website or Lulu
    Beyond Natural SKincare & Weightloss
    3. This website, ( has hundreds of case studies and free information on health, breasts, recipes, etc. Go to this website and simply put what your tag or subject is you would like to look up in the search box. ALL FREE!

    4. On Facebook I have several health pages, Breast Health & Wellness and Dr. Aurore’s Health & Wellness also (Beyond Natural Cures Radio Show, Green Pets, and Dr. Aurore’s Healthy Homeschooling.
    5. I have 10k followers on Twitter under Dr. Aurore, this account is much more edgy and may I warn you offensive than all my other accounts.
    6. Instagram under Aurore. Henze, this is a professional/personal account- a little bit of everything and alot of my activism activities, women’s rights, implants etc.
    7. My Radio Show, and youtube channel Michigan Health Star is mentioned on Facebook, there is a link here on this website to listen to the show I did on the dangers of breast implants and the interview with a woman that had moldy breast implants removed that were making her sick. SUBSCRIBE NOW!
    8. The private Facebook group called Breast Implant Detox by Dr. Aurore. You can post your questions and I will answer them, next week I am starting each week with some posts and information from my website and books on breast health and Aurore-Vedic lifestyle.
    9. UPDATE:
    Now I am writing a Health column for the Oakland Press, acting as a health correspondent on a TV show and I am starting a specialized non-profit to help people that are victims of medical ethics fraud!
    So WELCOME! and please let me know how I can help, don’t hesitate to email me. I do have 3 children and a regular naturopathic practice but I really care about you and want to help you on your journey to health!
    For an on-line or in office appointment contact Dr. Aurore below: