Dr. Aurore believes in living a complete healthy lifestyle in all areas of ones life. This is why she homebirthed her last two children, breast fed and utilizes natural education such as the Waldorf method and unschooling. Dr. Aurore recognizes the need for a whole-istic cohesive life journey. She says, “One reason why work is unfullfilling for so many people is because so many are compromising their beliefs and important lifestyle choices. Long hours under fluorescent lighting, inadequate food choices and repressed anger and superficiality from co-workers can make our lives unbearable. This is no different from what children at school experience, however the added stress of being separated, often too prematurely, from the mother can take a greater toll. Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf and Anthroposophy, taught that many illnesses in middle age can be traced to an imbalanced, harsh, coldy intellectual childhood. Dr. Henry Lindlahr, founder of the natural therapeutic movent and author of the book also taught that middle age diseases are brought on by childhood vaccine, eating while sick, circumcision and not allowing the body to express fever. These two thought systems developed in the early 1900’s directly coincide with eachother and helped to provide the foundation of her work with children-including the work she has done with her own children.

Having laid this premise, you can see how it would not be deemed incredible to believe that school, parents and the medical society are making children sick and turning them into sick adults with allergies, chronic complaints and subsequent life-threatening diseases, early schooling (daycare) contributes to this even more so. Sadly, natural school choices are not readily available in the States, but perhaps this is only a reflection of the fact that we as parents need to step up to the plate of parenthood and realize no one is responsible for our children but ourselves. This is why I am an activist for women’s issues, but more importantly I am an activist for children and their simple desires to express themselves and to love and be loved. Art therapy is considered a remedy for some childhood disorders in anthroposophical medicine, it is through art and music are souls express themselves and we find healing solace. Crafts and art with organic materials such as beeswax, wool, silk and wood are a strong foundation of my children’s childhood. You will find lots of great idea’s for crafts and natural homeschooling on my children page, which has now been taken over by my teenage daughter! My book “Beyond Natural Cures” goes into the facets of healing children, simply and easily-it is now available through Kindle on, for only $0.99, I would like to help as many children and parents as possible. “

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