Childhood Disorders

PHR: The Cause of Many Childhood Health Disorders, Emotionally and Physically

Children respond much more quickly than adults to healing therapies such as color & sound therapy, orgonomic emotional release, homeopathy and remedial education. However, in my own practice, the biggest obstacle to healing children- is not the child’s disorder but the parent’s unconscious psychological resistance. This is the hardest to heal and clearly there are parent’s that vehmenently insist they want to heal and help their child but many express conclusive actions that show otherwise. Parenthood Healing Resistance or PHR is related to attachment disorder and can be evidenced by the following actions or “symptoms”

  • Unable to feed the child appropriate and healthy foods
  • Unable to put the child to bed
  • Unable to keep appointments for the child
  • Unable to make eye contact  or hold the child
  • Unable to follow recommendations and suggestions
  • Unable to monitor or control what the child watches on TV or plays with electronically
  • Unable to spend time with the child-daycare, school, electronic devices, food are all apart of this

Therefore, it is very important to have a parent who is at least willing to admit or realize that they are responsible for their child’s healing and need to actively address their resistance. This will directly determine the child’s ability to completely heal and overcome or subsequently get worse.  Do not mistake disassociative parenting as PHR, the parent who cannot wean their child from breast feeding (protesting the child has not weaned themself, when in fact the parent missed the child’s clues long ago) and sleeps with the child way past the age of independent ability can have just as much- if not more attachment disorders as non-contactful parents.

I address these issues in this website and throughout all of my books-as it is a recurrent theme. Clinically, I am very selective of who I will take on as clientele.  Parents should also be in treatment, or should be in treatment first-before the child, if they struggle with PHR.

Browse my childhood disorder pages and always feel free to contact me with any questions!

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