Dr. Aurore offers an affordable, comprehensive program for healing autism, ADD, ADHD and other child related disorders. Besides healing her own son of autism, she has had extensive training in Reichian Somatic Therapy, color and sound therapy and natural healing; she offers what many other autism related practitioners can’t. Healing without expensive supplements, healing without rigid educational reprogramming, and healing without drugs. An author, teacher and public speaker- Dr. Aurore is committed to educating and changing the upcoming generations understanding of natural health and healing. The future is in our hands……

Dr. Aurore views every autistic child individually. A color tonation program including all of the four basic colors and the entire macular degeneration program is often used in cases of autism and/or head and brain injuries such as stroke. Recommendations also include (but not limited to) simple dietary recommendations, Waldorf form exercises to stimulate right and left brain, sound therapy followed by music therapy, parent child reattachment, emotional release. Referrals for Brain Gym, Ball a vis x and naturopathic psychotherapy in the form of Orgonomy can also be expected.

Why Autism? After healing her own son from autism Dr. Aurore was disgusted with the common practice of giving parents hope for healing at an exuberant price tag. For this reason she has dedicated her life to healing and educating others about autism. A naturopathic researcher, she has made great strides in accelerating treatment progress time through color and sound therapy by utilizing Chinese medicine and Waldorf educational techniques. Aurore believes all children can be healed of autism; each child has a right to treatment at an economically accessible price and a right to be treated like a human who feels and loves.

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READ: Aurore’s book Beyond Natural Cures details how she healed her son of autism and simple effective treatments on how you can do so as well (only $1 through, Kindle!).

ATTEND: Beyond Natural Cures workshop.

VISIT: Dr. Aurore’s Natural Health clinic outside of Ann Arbor, MI-click on Healing Center above for more information

RESEARCH: Autism information on Dr. Aurore’s informative blog-free, comprehensive, and updated often

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