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“Aurore is such a pleasant person to do business with. She is easy to talk to and knowledgeable. I was very satisfied and set up another appointment.” – Alyssa Wesley, Macomb

“Great experience!   Aurore is the best!”Tara Clayton, Ann Arbor

UPDATE: Aurore’s Health & Wellness is NOW located in Downtown Birmingham!  Make an appointment with Dr. Aurore at 270  N. Old Woodward, Birmingham, MI 48009



A unique west coast style organic health and wellness spa located in Michigan-north of Ann Arbor. Owned by author, radio-show host and doctor of natural health-  Aurore Henze, NHD. Wide range of services and alternative treatments offered based on her books, “Beyond Natural Cures” and “Beyond Natural Skincare and Weightloss.” Ayurveda, cymatic frequency therapy, magnetic acupuncture, orgonomic homeopathy and emotional release are all part of her repertoire. Aurore attended Aveda School for skincare but also trained with a licensed orgonomist psychologist for three years in a program for body/mind health and healing psycho-somatic (core) disorders. Her soon to be patented face-lift facials are a successful alternative or helpful addition to botox and surgeries. Look younger-feel younger- naturally!

  1. Metabolic Foot Reflexology Adjustment- This revolutionary treatment is like a chiropractic adjustment for feet (and hands)! Have more energy, feel better and stimulate your health! Be sure to click here for more information on what this amazing treatment can do for you. 45 minutes
  2. The 20 Minute Metabolic Face-Lift Treatment- Dr. Aurore uses magnetic acupuncture to “lift” your face and increase your metabolism. NO NEEDLES! Electro-stimulation on facial acupuncture points not only release deep lines and wrinkles which are exacerbated by congested and weak organs but also stimulates your body and organs to work more efficiently. A youthful look and increased metabolism and immunity is attained!
  3. Aurore-Vedic Lymph Treatment: Have you had surgery and are still suffering from pain and swelling?  Dr. Aurore utilizes specific herbs, oils, cymatic frequency and key marma point/ lymph pressure points to stimulate the lymph to release and move. Stagnant lymph can result from tissue damage from surgery (breast implants, etc) and congested circulatory system. The results after a few treatments can be astounding: weight loss, decreased pain, immunity and energy     . 1 hour

Below are Aurore-Vedic Facial Packages, ask about multi service discounts :

*Aurore-Vedic Acne Facial Package:  facial with cymatic treatments, magnetic acupuncture and dietary recommendations. 4 recommended- maintenance. This program is THE most effective and natural program available for acne sufferers.  1 facial 1.15 hour

* Ultimate Therapeutic Aurore-Vedic Face-Lift Facial Package includes: Craniosacral to release tight muscles in the face and establish a healthy circulation, cymatic frequency and tuning fork acupuncture to stimulate organs and nerves for circulation and collagen and elastin tightening. Ayurvedic herbs and enzymes stimulate a natural chemical peel. Recommend 4-5-maintenance. (Once collagen and elastin are brought in, like mortar joint in a brick wall-facials every 6-8 weeks to keep the proteins tight are very beneficial.) 1.5 hours

* Insomnia Program: Insomnia can des

Testimonials from clients just like you!
Be sure to read these clients AMAZING testimonials & how AURORE-VEDA can work for YOU!

troy your health and beauty. Primary glands like the pineal gland, responsible for sleep and wake cycles and the hormone secretion melatonin is stimulated with color and sound therapy. The circadian rhythm is re-established with the use of a light and sound machine- Dr. Aurore uses mind spa. This method has been highly successful in combating insomnia and repatterning sleep cycles. Expect positive results in as little as 4 to 8 sessions. 1 hour

*Craniosacral therapy and its benefits can be read about here.

**Cancellation policy for AHWS is as follows-24 hour notice or be charged a fee of $25 or a price of the entire missed service for no call/no show 

For more information contact Dr. Aurore Below:

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