Aurore’s Personal Skincare Line

320670_10150424664300692_1275914342_n Dr. Aurore is now making custom cleansers, toners and serums based on Ayurveda and her book “Beyond Natural Skincare & Weightloss.”  This has been a long and committed labor of love that she feels confident about selling.

She has this to share about it:

            “First of all, I have been very disheartened with the excessive and unfair pricing of quality, organic skincare products.  Secondly, many people have contacted me after reading my book requesting me to make my own line.  One of the purposes for my book was to encourage people to make their own.  Lo and behold, I have discovered many people don’t have the time to invest in making all the products they need.  My handmade skincare line gives people the quality they deserve at an accessible price.”

Introducing Aurore’s Apothocary!

Dr. Aurore offers a Vata/dry and aging line or a Pitta/sensitive line for acneic skin.  She teaches others to improve their skin through diet, face-lift or acne facials and using quality, raw and organic skincare products.  Request an appointment today to purchase her personal line of products. Featuring the highly acclaimed Ruby Toner with hibiscus, rooibos, triphala & tulsi.  Here is a partial list of the ingredients:

Raw & Organic

organic skin serum
Dr. Aurore’s hand crafted pitta serum has everything you need to combat and soothe pitta skin issues

Helichrysum, rose otto, rose water, orange water, aloe, rooibos, tulsi, triphala, carrot oil, calendula, neroli, jasmine, hibiscus flower….

Dr. Aurore also infuses solar energy and scientific benefits of color & sound frequency from cymatic therapy into her products.  Take a look at the process!




Contact her for more information and pricing!

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