Facials: Organic, Therapeutic & Ayurvedic

Dr. Aurore only chooses the highest quality ingredients
Dr. Aurore’s organic Aurore-Vedic Facial, is much more than masks & creams, with no dangerous cosmetic procedures!

 Yes, a facial can CHANGE your life!

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First: Choose a highly trained, skin care author, specialist and doctor of natural health- Dr. Aurore

As an expert in the field of natural beauty and organic skincare, she can assist with all of one’s skincare needs as well as diet and detoxing.

“The skin is closely related to the nervous system and emotional body, satisfying results can only be attained when the system is treated as a whole and the body and mind is integrated as one,” says, Dr. Aurore.

Who Benefits from Therapeutic Facials?

After the age of 30 it takes one month for cells to turnover and continues to slow as we age. Dr. Aurore works with teenagers and adults with acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo and pre-mature wrinkling.

For more information on body mind health be sure to read her book “Beyond Natural Skincare & Weightloss,” for more information and recipes!

Dr. Aurore offers a variety of services at her health spa: diet programs, programs for weightloss, insomnia and hair growth as well.  Two types of therapeutic & ayurvedic facials are available, however, all of them are custom blended and made fresh for your individualized needs.  Facials can be upgraded to ultimate with foot adjustment/reflexology and hair rejuvenation as add ons!  All facials include complimentary: cymatic frequency therapy in color and sound, face-lift magnetic acupuncture treatment, high frequency and 30 minutes of craniosacral therapy, facials start at $120, contact Aurore for specials and appointments Call today! 248-496-7313 .  Packages and add ons are significantly discounted!

Face-Lift Facial (Patent pending): Perfect for those with normal to dry skin, wrinkles, eczema and/or pre-mature aging. Experience a face-lift without surgery by firming the collagen and elastin proteins,  releasing muscles and fascia through acupressure and craniosacral and oxygenating and desquamating the epidermis.  Wrinkles are caused from both a loosening of the epidermal, dermal layers, a tightening of muscles deep below the surface from unreleased emotions and a decrease in cell desquamation and circulation on the surface.  Dr. Aurore counteracts those natural processes through a multi-step approach that is simple, economical and pain free. For optimal results please schedule one treatment a week for the first four-six weeks. When results are satisfying, return for maintenance facials every 10-14 weeks.  Use Dr. Aurore’s recommended skincare line in-between appointments to keep your skin looking young, vibrant and healthy!


Complete Anti-Aging Face-Lift Facial Package: 4 ruby facials, 4 cymatic color & sound treatments, Ayurvedic consult, diet and detox recommendations & magnetic acupuncture:!

Acne Facials: For those with sensitive, hot natures, oily skin, prone to breakouts, acne and rashes.  Dr. Aurore provides these detoxing and refreshing facials on individual basis but highly recommends for the acne facial treatment package for people who suffer from chronic acne.  Acne is seldom caused or cured from exclusive outside applications.

Acne Facial Treatment Package: 4 Acne facials, 4 cymatic color & sound treatment, magnetic acupuncture, ayurvedic consult, diet and detox recommendations:

Ultimate upgrade includes: six point foot adjustment with detoxing reflexology and abhyanga hair rejuvenation massage with bhrami and rosemary. 


Congrats to Leslie, winner of Dr. Aurore's organic facial
The Emerald Facial demonstration at Whole Foods, West Bloomfield, 2012

Hair Growth Restoration Package: 4 Invigorating abhyanga acupressure scalp massages, with craniosacral, cymatic color and sound therapy, magnetic acupuncture, high frequency stimulation and a variety of tonics and oils including bhringraj, rosemary, lemon & amla berry, diet recommendations too. Hair is apart of your constitution/dosha- it can be changed!   Great for alopecia and thinning hair:

Emerald or Ruby Body Wraps: Don’t let the skin of your body age prematurely! Choose detoxifying emerald with spirulina, kumar and triphala or nourishing ruby with warming herbs such as ginger, rose, manuka honey, rooibos, tulsi and cardamom.  Ruby tonic spritzer included with a whole body rejuvenating lymph massage and complimentary dosha specific body oil- heavenly!  

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Recommendations from clientele:

“Dr. Aurore is such a pleasant person to do business with. She is easy to talk to and knowledgeable. I was very satisfied and set up another appointment” – Cathy Eifrid, Williamston, MI

Available at lulu.com and soon amazon.com, this book contains simple and economical secrets to healthy skin and weight, 21 pages of recipes!!
Part II of Dr. Aurore’s series on body/mind natural health, this book contains simple and economical secrets to healthy skin and weight, 21 pages of recipes!!another appointment for three weeks out.” – Cathy Eifrid, Williamston, MI

“Dr. Aurore is wonderful.  She makes you feel very comfortable.” – Tara McKnight, Berkeley, MI

For more information on the other amazing treatments Dr. Aurore offers see her spa page below:


See below for Dr. Aurore’s personal skincare line:


**Cancellation policy for AHWS is as follows-24 hour notice or be charged a fee of $25 or a price of the entire missed service for no call/no show

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