Green Pets

Besides treating and teaching humans about natural health, as a naturopath doctor I have had many years treating pets, my pets and others. We lived on 3 acres north of Ann Arbor for 15 years-I had many opportunities to work with different types of animals-cows, deer, cats, dogs and even fish.

Vet bills can be mammoth and to me, disproportionately unfair and unethical.

I remember when my dog got sick from eating something, concerned on a Friday, I brought him to my local vet in an emergency-he was listless, crying and shaking. They explained to me that my dog would need to be kept for the weekend and subjected to a barrage of tests for a price tag of $2,000 or more, they made me think he would likely die without it. I said no deal, when I went to leave they offered for me to leave him for a few hours with an IV and a barrage of tests for $500.  I agreed to this and came back in a few hours and found him to be chipper and back to his old self.  I left thinking I could have very well treated him with some black charcoal at home, but liquids are always hard to force into a dog- so I felt the $500 was well spent but certainly the $2,000 was excessive, misleading and even ridiculous.

So, where does naturopathic care for pets come in?

While I am not a veterinarian and cannot diagnose or prescribe medication, I can certainly

Dr, Aurore loves animals!

help with common health imbalance that exist in pets- just as I do with humans.  I’ll never forget when our beloved $60 fish was choking on a rock it had sucked up.  I gave the fish the Heimlich and carefully dislodged the rock with tiny tweezers. The fish was traumatized and was looking like it was going to die the next day.  I brought him in my office and placed his bowl under different cymatic frequencies to heal him.  After a day, he was back to his old self and lived another two years.  

A Case of Parasites

FullSizeRender (5)
Happy and Healthy these two Pomerians, recovered and are back to playing and snuggling!

The holidays are stressful on everyone, pets are not an exception to that, as they are very intuitively connected to our emotional body. This winter I treated two white Pomeranians  that developed a parasite that caused them to have bloody stools after their owner left them for a few days. Specific herbs and nutritional substances in their food etc, got them back on their feet at a fraction of the cost of vet bills.  Of course, veterinarian services are needed and warranted but with so many recent advances in natural health and integrative medicine, we are certainly ready to extend those same levels of care to our furry family members!

Besides cymatic frequency I have also used homeopathy, herbs and dietary recommendations for many different types of ailments. Most common issues treated are: worms, skin problems, allergies, auto-immune, joint and hip and general malaise.  Bringing your dogs health into balance is simple and economical and increases your pets longevity and well-being.  

Dr. Aurore’s beloved dog, Bisous Baggins

We love our pets and nothing is worse than watching our pets suffer, naturopathic pet care decreases vet bills over time, also decreases the likelihood of our pets developing more serious, chronic diseases. There are many simple things we can do to every day for our pets health and Dr. Aurore can show you how! Let Dr. Aurore be your teacher and guide in natural health solutions-together we can change our pets health-for future generations. Please see my books on Natural Health and research I have done and provided such as the Pottinger Cat studies and more.

Please contact Dr. Aurore for an on-line or in person appointment!

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