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“Michigan Health Star is an invaluable resource for third party promotions and business development for the healthcare industry.”  ~Ryan Doheny, CEO of Axia Essentials, CA                                   

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Aurore Henze committed to ethical health practices
“Let’s raise the standard of healthcare across the entire United States, together” – Dr. Aurore

Find all of Dr. Aurore’s published articles and blogs here! Her Beyond Natural Cures books are located on the PRODUCT page.

Want to Get Healthier?  Join Dr. Aurore’s Aurore-Vedic Detox program.

medhurtsDid you know Aurore Henze, is the founder and president of the MEDICAL HUMAN RIGHTS ASSOCIATION, a watchdog organization and soon to be non-profit. Get updated information on trust worthy doctors, ethical health choices and health ethics violations across the United States.

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