Nada/Sound Therapy

Available at and soon, this book contains simple and economical secrets to healthy skin and weight, 21 pages of recipes!!
Available at and soon, this book contains simple and economical secrets to healthy skin and weight, 21 pages of recipes!!

I utilize sound therapy- or more scientifically cymatic frequency (the science of wave lengths) to heal the body.  Sound has a much lower vibration than color and in my workshops and my books I demonstrate how dividing the color HZ frequency by octave will bring you to its musical note equivalent.  This is why when I see new age articles on color therapy, usually referring to Ayurveda in terms of the chakras- I get so upset at the half-hazard, mystical way the information is presented.  An enlightened guess to me, is just not good enough especially when you are dealing with peoples-time, health and money.  While I go into great depth with footnotes and scientific explanations in my books, here I will just give a short summary of Nada/Sound therapy and what it can do for you and how I use it to treat the body,

In Vedic texts different types of sounds help or heal the body based on two areas: the first is ahata nada which is external sounds and the second is anahata nada which is internal sounds.   Let me explain the process I use.  All sound/wavelengths effects the body, negatively or positively, furthermore sound effects the body on many different levels, psychologically, emotionally  and physically.  Higher sounds stimulate the more etheric/spiritual/emotional aspects of the personality while deeper sounds stimulate the organs, physically.  I usually use a combination whenever in treatment.  Bypassing the ear, and applying sound to the body is possible with tuning forks and was further developed by inventor Patrick Flanagan and his amazing sound machine the Neurophone.  This process of applying sound to the body passively is sometimes referred to  as vibroacoustic.  Ideally, in music therapy/sound therapy- the purpose, at least for me-is applying the sound through the ahata method, externally either on major dosha/nadi points and acupuncture points and/or switching ears and activating corpus callosum and both sides of the brain first with one sound, then with two.  I work on having my clients hum the sound they hear-thereby creating a human tuning fork, creating the sound with in thereby creating anahata nada or the internal sound.  Essentially- they become the vibration, they become the healer- they heal themselves.

Many people use mantras as a form of anahata sound therapy, the biggest problem I see with this is the inability of these practicers to recreate the actual frequency they are trying to mimic.  For instance, the healing sound OM is often practiced as a group at the end of a yoga class.  Very few times have I ever seen a yoga teacher able to truly produce the accurate OM sound or vibration which is-136.1 HZ, the standard for Hindu temples.  While the intentions are real, the truth is the benefits are few or at least not what was expected or intended.   This OM frequency is much deeper than most people realize, one can remedy this by using a simple 136.1 tuning fork.  The effectiveness of mantras is not just reciting the “magic words” but in recreating the vibration or frequency-exactly as it should be.

I often use color and sound together creating a deep and powerful effect- by also using such healing modalities such as touch, and smell (essential oils) and/or herbs and homeopathics- I have a very effective and comprehensive healing model.  Below are some therapies in which I utilize color and sound- not to mention, utilizing cymatic frequency when I make my abhyanga massage oils and skincare, I often place these ingredients on a copper shri yanta grid below a scale model copper pyramid to enhance the effect the frequencies have on the substance.  Finally, I have created with the help of my son, my own music therapy program for children that includes three foreign languages.  It is a very simple program based on the pentatonic scale but the cumulative results are truly amazing and I have used and developed this method with my own three children and have tested out and used it on many different children, including autistic.

Please read my articles on Varna/color therapy and get my books to find out more….

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