Natural Health

Based on Dr. Aurore’s first book on Body/Mind natural health, “Beyond Natural Cures,” she offers obscure, economical1st book by Dr, Aurore and unconventional ideas for natural health-most of which can only be found here! “All of my books are made up of what I call the basics of body/mind ayurveda: color/sound therapy, naturopathic psychotherapy (orgonomy), anthroposophy, attachment and of course, ayurveda. In every book I meld these concepts together, first explaining them and then providing case studies and personal life stories to help bring the reader to another level of understanding and ultimately to better health.”

The articles and blogs on her natural health page are updated reflections of that book with new disorders, or old disorders redefined. More importantly, the focus, as in the spirit of naturopathy-is not on disease and disorders but on balance! Providing recipes from her book “Beyond Natural Skincare & Weightloss” and valuable information which mirror the facets of her life work-Body Mind Ayurveda. Enjoy and please, stay in contact with Dr. Aurore-this website is for you!”

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