Chronic & Acute Disorders

Beyond Natural Cures
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One reason that healing the chronically ill still eludes the natural health community is not just because of their generalized focus on competing with medical machines but because of the large scale avoidance (resistance) of true naturopathic foundations of healing. Regrettably, most people become symptom chasers and focus on treating symptoms as it is far easier than dealing with the core issues.  Both orgonomy and homeopathy resonate with similar beliefs that illness and chronic disease share common psychosomatic cores.  Therefore, the body/mind connection is a strong determining factor of healing chronic disease.

Another causative factor in chronic disease is from life-long habitual suppression. This is when the body is forced NOT to heal. After years of suppressing fever and natural inflammatory response there becomes a “short in the immunity wire.”  If the body was allowed in childhood to burn off disease without NSAIDs, vaccinations and anti-biotics, the immuno-deficient, auto-immune disordered allergy ridden human would be a thing of the past!  Notice if you will, the common way the body expresses allergic reaction, it is almost indistinguishable from the common cold-except for one crucial factor- NO fever!  It becomes a “cold’ cold literally and chronic as the body has lost the ability to heal.

By utilizing methods of ayurvedic dosha specific fasting, color therapy and homeopathy-to express and not suppress, chronic diseases can and will be healed. See this blog for specific case studies and information on individual disease or buy the book Beyond Natural Cures which details specifically how to heal the chronic-easily and successfully!

-This article was taken from the book “Beyond Natural Cures” by Dr. Aurore!

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