Diet & Nutrition

Beyond Natural Skincare and Weightloss
Healthy skin and weight-must coincide! 21 pages of recipes and diet recommendations-that will leave you looking and feeling GREAT!

While Dr. Aurore stresses the importance of emotional freedom and release in healing, she never neglects the equal importance of a healthy diet. Both her books “Beyond Natural Cures” and “Beyond Natural Skincare and Weight Loss” give specific information on how to live a healthy lifestyle with a modified ayurvedic diet.  Dr. Aurore explains what this means, “I do believe in the ayurvedic-dosha or constitutional diet for everyone, however- many things have changed over thousands of years such as: new toxins introduced into our food and environment, many generations raised on meat diets and the inability of individuals to keep track of their food consciously. This is why I follow a type of Weston-Price/ Ayurvedic diet with principles of the Leptin diet by Byron Richards-all of this is outlined specifically in my BNSWL book.”

What does all of that mean?  Simply that Dr. Aurore follows a diet that encompasses all the nutrients that she feels are important for health after researching and studying for over 14 years.  Weston-Price focuses on the importance of raw, rich foods like raw milk and pasture raised organic beef and the Leptin diet helps control portions and eating times to establish metabolism. Ayurveda is made apart of those two eating structures. Dr. Aurore says, “Rich, dense foods like raw milk and pastured organic beef feeds our brains of necessary fatty acids- many people I see who are vegetarian’s are suffering mentally from depleted B-12 stores and inadequate amounts of rich fatty acids. Therefore, the diet I recommend is satisfyingly filled with foods rich in necessary fats and nutrients. I aim to dispel fears about fat, which have been greatly manipulated and have led to people feeling guilty about fat.”

What causes blocked arteries and heart disease, besides the emotional factors, Dr. Aurore explains that heavy metals in our water supply, along with dairy products that have been metabolically changed and destroyed through homogenization and pasturization contribute to “bad” cholesterol build up. She realizes her work is cut out for her, “So much of it is education, re-educating people to stop feeling guilty and bad about good food!  There’s a difference between low-fat organic yogurt that has been pasturized and full fat organic yogurt from raw milk…and that difference is health!”

Be sure to check out Dr. Aurore’s book Beyond Natural Skincare and Weight Loss” for specific information, diet suggestions and 21 pages of recipes developed by-Dr. Aurore!

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