Weight Loss, Anti-Aging & Detox: Get the Balance Right!

Available at lulu.com and soon amazon.com, this book contains simple and economical secrets to healthy skin and weight, 21 pages of recipes!!

Most women struggle with weight their entire life, Dr. Aurore understands the personal and emotional plight of weight loss and weight gain. Unfortunately, these two life experiences also contribute to aging skin and a loss of elasticity-it becomes a no win cycle. She explains weight problems differently”I see many women anywhere from 20-50, that have varying degrees of premature aging and weight problems. Let’s get real and stop blaming the sun and carbs for our issues, I provide real solutions to this common chaotic duo!

In my newest book I relate these problems to: hormone imbalance, fluorescent lighting/not enough natural sunlight, American diet, excessive protein, soy consumption, pesticides & GMO, insufficient EFA, stagnant lymph and congested liver and kidneys. In my appointment’s I work with people individually, creating an individualized body/mind ayurvedic profile-that not only gets them back on track in simple and easy ways but also gives them the tools to keep going on their path to youthful skin and ideal weight- after all we cannot truly have these two things without having health, first and foremost.”

 “Balance of emotions and health are the keys to successful weight loss and beautiful skin. Redeveloping homeostasis in the body, is getting the body/mind into its core, primal state-the ability to expand and contract-release and let go.  These prehistoric movements are the basis of life-from the simple one-celled amoeba, he human and the earth itself. What are we “holding onto” literally both psychologically and physically, what are we afraid to let go of, do we even no how?  By studying with a body/mind psychologist for over 3 years, I have keen insight on how to address the body/mind together by restoring the innate capacity to heal….and live.”

In her book “Beyond Natural Skincare and Weightloss” she relates issues with weight to problems, not just with facial skin but also breast tissue loss. Dr. Aurore admits, “I was sick of seeing emaciated thin women or overly muscular women resorting to breast implants to make them feel-more like a woman, breasts are a product of healthy, balanced weight!  When looking at the body wholistically- as a system- one begins to understand that the answer is simple, people only need strong support to help them find their balance, constitution and zone in their life.”

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