Orgone Yoga

Beyond Natural Cures Yoga
Orgonomic yoga- invented by Dr. Aurore, outlined in her book Beyond Natural Cures-only $0.99 at, kindle!

Through her research and three year training with licensed psychologist /orgonomist in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Aurore developed her own yoga therapy, based on the principles of Wilhelm Reich’s body/mind release.  Orgone Yoga is outlined in her book  “Beyond Natural Cures.”   This yoga is centered around prana yama, kriya yoga exercises  inspired through Paramahansa Yogananda’s self-realization  society and emotional release and ocular/segment activation in keeping with orgone therapy principals.  Currently, Dr. Aurore teaches this in addition to yoga asanas .  In private or small group lessons,  orgone yoga helps to keep segments/chakras open and activates powers of healing and energy.   This is a great way to start a new yoga program for people who are shy to begin a class or to bring an existing yoga practice to a new level.  Contact Dr. Aurore today about learning these amazing techniques and experience the freedom and emotional health you deserve!

Check this blog, her book on and her youtube channel!

“Dr. Aurore’s Orgone Yoga gave me the strength to recover from a devastating illness”  Teri Stiebel, West Bloomfield”

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