What is the most difficult of all? What seems the easiest to you: To see with your eyes, What lies before your eyes.”  – Goethe

Wilhelm Reich the founder of Orgonomy once said of his discovery of orgone energy, ” The greatest difficulty in grasping the orgone theory lies in the fact that the discovery of the orgone has solved too many and too great problems all at one: the biological basis of psychic diseases, biogenesis and with that the cancer biopathy, the ether, the cosmic yearning of the human, a new physical energy, etc.”  Unlike alot of mystical body mind practictioner’s of today like Louise Hay and others in the new age movement who used positive thinking, affirmations and magical thoughts to create health- Dr. Wilhelm Reich stood alone and still does in his scientific research and life work he devoted to orgone energy and the effects of the body/mind- emotionally and physically.

Reich a student and colleague of Freud who refuted some of Freud’s theories such as the death instinct found it astonishing that mankind argued away and overlooked the natural science of orgone energy for over 20 centuries. He blamed both mechanistic and mystical thinking in patriarchal culture which caused the masses not to be able to see with their eyes, what naturally lies before them.

Reich showed that modern man had an inner resistance that bounces between biological impulses which are natural and their expression and that which is repressive. Man acts reactively against himself and against self-expression. Therefore, man is divided against himself. The split between defense and instinct results in deviant expressions and sublimations such as sadism or exaggerated politeness.  It is Reich’s theories which are still greatly misunderstood, ignored and even “used and reinvented” by modern psychology and the masses that hold such an amazing premise to heal the body and mind. I am a living testimony!

As in all of my books, I will also continue to reach out and educate people on Reich and orgone therapy- through this blog. Join me on this journey and see why orgonomy holds the cure for all diseases.

For a detailed-specific biography about Wilhelm Reich and his early years and much more fascinating information, see this link to orgonomist, Dr. Simonian’s website.


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