Sex & Relationships

Dr. Aurore’s training on the west coast which focused on areas such as emotional release, sexual energy, attachment, contact and orgonomy for three years has allowed her to develop a truly naturopathic approach to sex and relationship disorders. Dr. Aurore describes her qualifications, “Besides my training with a licensed psychologist, I have also been committed to working with an orgonomist on my own psychological issues and marriage. This not only helped to heal me of my chronic diseases but also helped me to remain committed to and also, most importantly, in love with the same man for almost 25 years. This is no small feat, as relationships take work, and even more so for those of us that have suffered from emotional upheavals and difficulties.”

Dr. Aurore’s findings in her own therapy and training allowed her to finally get to a level to write about it in order to help others. “My life, including my sex life and relationship-has been shocking and climactic, I never thought I could write about it but with all of this sexual neurosis sweeping our nation, such as the sadistic sexual fantasy book “Fifty Shades of Grey,” I realized that I must provide a naturopathic-body/mind ayurvedic approach for this as well. While there is a frenzy and need for empty mommy porn which gives a plethora of non-reality, trading love for abuse- I know, there is also a need for balance, love and truth in this area as well! We are not going to be healed of our sexual neurosis and emotional disorders by hiding out in a fantasy world of porn and lies. Someone needed to tell the truth, someone needed to be brave enough, and that person was me. My book on sexual health is a surprisingly honest answer to love, health and meeting our deepest sexual needs.”

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