Sexual Health

“It is sexual energy which governs the structure of human feeling and thinking.”

– from The Sexual Revolution, Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

Sexual health is very important- it is truly- linked to all health and is not, but should be the very essence and core of the natural health movement.  Dr. Aurore in her 14 year studies on sexual health, three of those years with a licensed orgone psychologist-makes sexual health and education a priority in her natural health practice and activism. “I consider myself a naturopathic “whole-istic” activist,” says Dr. Aurore. ” Most people think health is about one part of the body system, one symptom, in truth it is one body, one health-and one energy-when looking at the body this way, systemically with body/mind Reichian reasoning, we understand that sexual health is apart of the core and is necessary for health, life and happiness.  Beside’s writing her own book on sexual health which lists her own trials and tribulations in her own sex life and marriage, Dr. Aurore continues to update this blog with articles and information that will change the world, peoples choices and people’s lives.  She thinks people are ready to grasp this poignant information, ” People are ready, they are experiencing longing in their lives, even depression and mood disorders-the divorce rate is sky rocketing and people want more out of life-but they just don’t know what that is-this is where sexual health comes in-and to the rescue!”


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