lose weight
Healthy Weight, Feel Great, with Dr. Aurore’s specialized Ayurvedic Detox and nutritional program.

Aurore-Vedic Detox, Weight Loss, Etc:

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1st Ayurvedic dosha profile, ayurvedic diet plan, ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations, includes dosha tests and iridological assessment: $150,

All subsequent consult visits: $75

ATTENTION: Are you a member of Dr. Aurore’s Breast Implant Detox Group?  If so you are eligible for reduced pricing: Breast Implant Survivors pay a reduced rate for the Aurore-Vedic Program. See the group for pricing and contact Dr. Aurore today.

Lymph/Marma Point Treatment for Detox: $120

Insomnia Program: Consult: $150

Package of 4 treatment program: $200

Metabolic Foot or Hand Adjustment/Reflexology: $60

Receive your adjustments for only half off with every referral or as an add on to another appointment


Orgonomic Emotional Release/Reattachment Tx: $90

Package of 4 treatment program: $300

Orgone Yoga-Pranayama Yoga Therapy:  $60 session

Package of 4: $200

Order your recommendations from Dr. Aurore at Banyan Botanicals, a trusted, organic ayurvedic company that Dr. Aurore has been working with for over 10 years.



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Dr. Aurore also offers comprehensive on-line consults for a reduced price! Contact her below with your questions or to schedule an appointment.









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