Skin Care

Dr. Aurore’s work in body/mind ayurveda, emotional release and color therapy brought her to another level of naturalDr. Aurore's third book in her body/mind natural health series health-skin care. “Effects on the skin are immediate at times with color therapy, however-not always, the skin is the last organ to receive nutrients and the last organ to heal in the body through detox. This means that simple surface applications only go “so” far. One cannot heal the skin without addressing the emotional or psycho-somatic aspects of the disorder.”

Dr. Aurore believes in skin problems such as rash, eczema, rosacea, premature wrinkling and acne that the emotional/psycho-somatic pull can be as high as 80-90%. “I have witnessed an extremely paranoid and nervous individual break out into a poison ivy “attack” while vacationing with people she was highly “suspicious” of. This person had issues with trust and was unable to form friendships, ironically, the only thing that I found that helped her attack was my sight and sound machine that caused her to sleep for several hours. I only gave it to her because she was so loquatious she could not relax even under the most sedative colors in the color therapy machine. She fell into such a deep and profound relaxation that it made me believe the poor woman had not truly “relaxed” or rested in quite sometime. Therefore, the “attack” from the poison ivy became the tipping point for someone already on the edge.”

Naturopathic Orgono-Vedic Skincare
After witnessing first hand body/mind connections like this in the organ of the skin, Dr. Aurore began to log her results and create case studies. This subsequently led to her enrolling in the most prestigious esthetic school in Michigan in order to attain her skin care license and write her revolutionary book, “Beyond Natural Skincare & Weight Loss.” “I practice a type of orgonomic, ayurvedic naturopathic dermatology. As a skincare specialist I can heal the skin from the inside out and address concerns that would likely be ignored or even misrepresented by others in the more traditional skin care industry. Skin care in the States is highly marketable and likewise, lacks ethics and truth and labeling for profit. I have seen product companies lie about their ingredients as being organic while neglecting to inform the consumer that the high amounts of propylene glycol in their product is not only a lethal poison but also a carinogen. My aim in skincare is to harm none, and heal all-from the inside out, producing tangible results in the most organic and natural means possible.”

Skin care should be as individual as you are! Many of Dr. Aurore’s skin care products are meticulously handmade and individualized for your specific constitution.  Whether you have sensitive, rosaeic, or mature- you deserve to have quality ingredients made with care and expertise.  Dr. Aurore, as a skin care expert, esthetician and doctor of natural health-can make your skin shine from the inside out.  By utilizing her knowledge in ayurveda, anthroposophical medicine,and  western herbalism-she has created skin care and herbal-medicinal elixirs that are unique and effective.

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