Organic Make-Up

Beyond Natural Skincare and Weightloss
Healthy skin and weight-must coincide! 21 pages of recipes and diet recommendations-that will leave you looking and feeling GREAT!

Dr. Aurore only uses make up that is approved up by the organic consumers association. In both of her books Beyond Natural Cures and Beyond Natural Skincare and Weightloss, she includes a list of some trusted organic skincare and make-up companies.  This is a very important issue, as the United States has no truth in labeling regarding skincare products. This means make-up that says it it 100% natural or organic- often means nothing but a higher price tag.  Deceptive practices in skincare and make-up are making alot of people sick, attributing to allergies and even cancer.  In this blog Dr. Aurore will provide you with updated articles and trends in the organic make-up and skincare industry-what to buy and what to avoid. She often tries them out and writes about them and makes videos about how to use and apply them! This is the fun part of skincare!  Be sure to sign up for email updates-to stay on track and updated!

Don’t forget to sign up for the organic consumers association too!

Enjoy one of Dr. Aurore’s make-up video tutorials below, the organic make-up for this video are available through these fine organic make-up retailers, some of Dr. Aurore’s favorites. Lisa D’Liguori of Style Essentials is one of Dr. Aurore’s personal friends!
Ecco-Bella, Mineral Fusion and Style Essentials:

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