Skin Disorders

All Skin Disorders Can Be Healed!

Available at and, this book contains simple and economical secrets to healthy skin and weight, 21 pages of recipes!!

Change your mind about skin disorders as being unsightly embarrassments that need to be covered up as quickly as possible and look at your body as phone calling for help. Listen to your body’s emotional and physical clues-systemically. For example, a skin disorder such as rash is the body’s attempt at ridding disease and toxins through the skin, perhaps because the kidneys and liver are backed up or “flooded” with toxins. Rashes have their season which mean they will weep and exude until they heal…but what if they don’t heal and that season becomes never ending? What if it is a dry flaky rash that doesn’t weep. That means it has moved into chronic, but why? When the body is not balanced because of early childhood fever suppression and vaccine-it loses its ability to throw off sicknesses and activate immunity. Literally, the switch to heal doesn’t make the connection. This eventually leads to allergies, auto-immune disorders and other diseases such as cancer. Rashes and skin disorders need to be made acute, which means they are in the active stage, this is where healing occurs. Help your body make the connection- the body/mind connection and heal the chronic today! Dr. Aurore can help you heal yourself and release the chronic hold on your body!

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