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Coming down off of the holiday season is exhausting and even more so if you are a parent. This year I had the pleasure of spearheading the holiday season by doing some self-care. It started out with an amazing daily planner my sister bought for my birthday called, “Rituals for Living: Dreambook and Planner from Dragon Tree Spa.” This helped to remind me that I needed to get back on track of taking care of me. The book sat there, reminding me, until December. That’s when all of the stress I was under took a toll on my well-being and what I needed to do was to get back to “me.” December began with weekly visits for float therapy, followed Orgone Yoga, a practice that I had gotten away from several years ago. It’s been a difficult to find time but it’s truly amazing how once you set that time aside, the benefits are felt immediately.

I have maintained my own yoga and meditation program on my own the last 20 years for the most part. Orgone Yoga, is something I developed while studying with a body mind psychologist on the West Coast, this is a specific emotionally releasing yoga, meant to be used along with or in the interim of Orgone therapy (Body Mind Psychology). I outlined all of the steps in my bookBeyond Natural Cures but eventually after several life upheaval’s my yoga practice and meditation fell by the wayside. I was able to self-heal enough to take daily walks in nature but as life complexities piled on, so did the need to do my yoga and meditate become more apparent.

Getting into my yoga practice again was not the hard part, I had successfully broken it down into half hour sessions and am not in the habit of making myself feel guilty if I couldn’t find the time, but the meditation aspect eluded me. I tried some of the new businesses that offer sensory deprivation therapy, Inception and True REST Detroit. I was into sensory deprivation therapy 20 years ago but finding a quality and economical place to go was next to impossible, then there was the commute. Fifteen years ago my quest for float therapy would take me almost an hour away from home to get there. I never thought the day would come when float therapy could be so easily accessible and not to mention, a highly sought after therapy.

After arriving for my float at True REST in Farmington Hills, I quickly realized that it’s the absolute disconnection to the electromagnetic fields, sounds, colors and devices that I needed for complete relaxation. The first few times were somewhat challenging, not knowing what to expect, or rather, expecting the darkness and silence and learning to accept it was the turning point in my personal experience. Once I settle in and let go of the noise, the spark of inspiration and the quietness of peace follows, but not always in that order

The team at True REST were very thorough, which made my first float better than what I had imagined. I used some breathing exercises and was able to escape to a level of consciousness and meditation that I have not been able to attain in 20 years. This took me by surprise as it wasn’t something I tried for, rather, it was something that spontaneously happened. Afterwards, I was able to do some yoga in the recovery room and I was back into the busy holiday hustle and bustle but this time with a smile on my face and a bounce in my step.

I spoke with True REST Detroit owner, Jeff Krause, about Float Therapy and he had this to say, “There is a surprising amount of independent data on R.E.S.T. [Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy], from studies on stress reduction, pain relief and enhanced creativity to the new anxiety research being done by Dr. Justin Feinstein. We are here to help others overcome pain, stress and anxiety – to reduce the need for addictive opioids, tranquilizers and sleeping pills. True REST also gives back to our Veterans and First Responders, offering free floats on the 11th of each month.”

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[Reprinted from The Oakland Press, Dec. 31 2017]

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42 lbs Lost on the Aurore-Vedic Detox

Aurore-Vedic Detox works!
Tamara Mather of Troy lost over 42 lbs in 6 weeks!

Tamara is a true delight to work with. Plagued with poor health most of her life she was ready and serious to make some changes. She was delighted with my Aurore-Vedic diet and organ decongestion program. Though she is losing weight quickly, right now we are focusing on organ reactivation.

This stimulates the organs which were congested to start working again. This is an important part missing from most detox programs like the kind you get at Whole Foods or CVS Pharmacy in a rush or the kind you get sucked into through someone’s less than ethical MLM tactics-like Arbonne or Thrive.

Right now Tamara is reading my books on ayurveda, natural health and body/mind psychotherapy (orgonomy).  My book on weight loss has over 21 pages of recipes and detailed instructions on how to do a gallbladder detox.  People really appreciate the dosha specific recipes to help them get used to and plan their new ayurvedic diet-they are also pleasantly surprised that the diet is quite easy!

Two of the biggest issues for less than desirable results or lack of is:

  1. Psycho-somatic deep core distress, these are emotional blocks held in segments of the body. During my time with working with someone, I use their body language, our relationship and the answers to the orgonomic questionaire I give them to assess to what degree I believe their symptoms are body/mind connected.  Overwhelmingly, rashes and skin problems such as acne have the strongest BNC.
  2. Not enough metabolic organ reactivation. In TCM an organ is considered cold if it is lethargic and non-productive.  In detoxing, true detoxing it is NOT simply enough to just pull out toxins out of organs. You must also work hard to reactivate the organ into working properly again.

There are many different ways I stimulate organs to rebuild and only a few utilize herbs. I have found some times, that my clientele does not take this part of the program seriously, no matter how much I encourage them to do so.  In the case of Tamara and other successful cases like Pam, these women invested time rebuilding their organ strength and not just detoxing. Which is taxing on the body.

Arbonne 7 Day “Cleanse” fake detox full of incompatible herbs, laxatives and diuretics

My organ decongestion program differs from most as it does not rely on laxatives, caffeine and diuretics to “detox” 

I use specifically chosen and individualized herbs according to ones constitution. Always being careful to protect and strengthen the kidneys. This is why most detoxes can be so harmful on the body. Another one you may have seen, is Teatox or Skinnymint on Facebook. Don’t be fooled! Now you know, what a true detox is or isn’t. Don’t make yourself more sick, trying to get healthy!

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