Agricultural Scientist, Jennifer Jones

“I am a scientist, so I spent a lot of time researching natural health practitioners and programs, I drove across the state to see Dr. Aurore, I had some endocrine issues and chronic migraine headaches, weight gain was a factor but Dr. Aurore assured me my health was more important. The first two weeks of the diet and organ decongestion program I lost 10 lbs and had more energy than ever!” Jennifer Jones, Grass Lake, MI  4/2016



“I knew Dr. Aurore from the Chamber of Commerce, I was shocked to find out my weight gain was related to my kidneys, I lost over 10 lbs in my first week of the Aurore-Vedic program” Pam Sarkisian, Birmingham, MI 2/2016 (Read more about Pam’s story here)


“I was suffering from M.S. and a lot of chronic health problems, Dr. Aurore’s Aurore-vedic program got my health back on track and I even lost 40 lbs the first 6 weeks!” Tamara of Troy, MI (read more about Tamara’s story here)

img_4650“When we first started seeing Dr. Aurore my son was very sick with severe allergies and could not keep any food down. After following Dr. Aurore’s Aurore-Vedic recommendations and receiving chromatic treatments-within 24 hours we started seeing results and.. then his symptoms were gone….Dr. Aurore has been such a blessing and I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her and would recommend her to anyone seeking safe, natural health alternatives. The things we have learned from Dr. Aurore are worth their weight in gold and continue to benefit our whole family-every day!”  – Oct. 2009,  Jill Shilling, Marysville, MI

“At last … an alternative doctor that`s not trading my prescriptions for a bag full of her supplements! Dr. Aurore believes that when your body is in balance – excessive supplementation is counter productive and not needed. All I know is that in an attempt to regain awareness and some cognitive skills (after my stroke four years ago), I saw numerous allopathic and alternative doctors, in addition to months of physical therapy. It wasn’t until I started Dr. Aurore’s Aurore-Vedic chroma- therapy treatments that I began to think:“Maybe, I can get better.” And I did.”- Feb.2010  Linda Glover,  Clarkston, MI


“Aurore is such a wonderful and inspiring person and her knowledge of ayurvedic medicine is incredibly impressive.  She is thoughtful, caring and understands how to get to the root of your health concerns.  I highly recommend her services.” -Mary Owen, Birmingham, 12/13/15


“I’ve been into natural healing for over 20 years, Dr. Aurore always has the answer to all of our family’s health concerns.  I love her knowledge in all things natural and have trusted her with my family’s health for many years.  She inspired us to adopt and live a healthy, natural lifestyle.  Thank you!” Dawn Meister, Commerce Twp, MI 12/1/2015

This could be YOUR story! Contact Dr. Aurore today for your free assessment!

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