The Aurore-Vedic Treatment Program

Welcome to Body Mind Ayurveda, Specialized Detox & Natural Health Services

Dr. Aurore has conveniently set up your pathway to health in several segments.

This is to ensure optimal results and make sure you have comprehensive support on your journey. She recommends that you purchase her two Beyond Natural Cures books, the second with over 21 pages of recipes.  This will answer many questions about health and her unique program.  You can also listen to Dr. Aurore’s podcast about her book series from her radio show “Beyond Natural Cures.”
Fill out the paperwork for your consult. You may find some redundancy-fill out what you can and be as truthful and thorough as possible, she uses these against her personal findings in interactions with you and utilizes these reports for months and years.  Creating a detailed body/mind profile and relationship to help you on many different levels

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  • After one week you will receive your first set of assessment, this is the ayurvedic diet profile. This requires a second visit to explain and answer questions, making sure you are comfortable to go to the next phase. After this appointment you will receive a link where you can conveniently order your organic detox herbs, or you have the options to purchase herbs in bulk and make teas. If you choose this option Dr. Aurore will send you a list of ingredients to buy as well as information on how to prepare.
  • In your 3rd session, in the following week, she will present and explain your personalized ayurvedic detox which will last anywhere from 1-2.5 months. We will also discuss any questions you had from starting the diet the previous week. Now you are ready to do it!!
  • In about 3 weeks, your forth session, She sees you again to assess your dosha/constitution and recommend an individualized fast about 1-3 days-based on findings. You will have support and Dr. Aurore is available for phone calls during this time if you need extra help-getting through.
Finally, at the end of your detox, She will reassess your dosha as often it will change during this metabolically transformative process. At this time either recommending tonic herbs or supplements that you can take on-going and continuously throughout the year ( Vit. D, magnesium citrate, or nettles for example) and a continued diet…..
…..or if you are having any new found or lingering issues, we may finish out with either a hormone detox or blood cleanse.
When you are done with your detox, you are now remetabolized and remade, in the detox We spend extensive time-not just taking away toxins but rebuilding organs. Its important you take the suggestions serious even some of them may seem extremely simple or too easy to believe.
You are welcome to call on Dr. Aurore for all of your ailments as she successfully treats and can recommend many different disorders, including rebuilding immunity, house visits and going shopping together.  Dr. Aurore recommends following your initial detox with a follow up detox- 3 day, at every equinox, spring and fall (think of when the clocks change).  Her quick gallbladder cleanse is part of the recipes in her second book.  After you are done with this detox you will not have to do an extensive detox as this for 3 to 4 years.  It can be done yearly, but often not necessary.
Thank you for choosing Body Mind Ayurveda-and I look forward to working with you.
Dr. Aurore
Please contact me with any questions or to set up an on-line consult.


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