The Health Spa

Welcome to Dr. Aurore’s Health Spa, exclusively at Bianchi’s of Birmingham.

At last, a true West-Coast wellness spa, in the Mid-West!

  • Anti-Aging & Acne Programs-that really Work… from the INSIDE OUT!
  • DELAY or SUBSTITUTE botox & plastic surgery!
  • HIGHLY ADVANCED treatments!
  • Truly Organic productsNO HARSH CHEMICALS

CALL TODAY: Don’t Just LOOK 10 Years Younger, FEEL IT!  248.220.4069

“Because of Dr. Aurore’s extensive training she’s a step above the rest because she treats your skin “from the inside out”. – Dr. David Kent, Facial Surgeon

img_6649Dr. Aurore is not only licensed in skin care, she is an ayurvedic doctor of natural health and the author of 6 books. She has been a subject expert providing numerous lectures and news interviews.

Your private consultation is valuable because she will evaluate you and give you an ayurvedic assessment. She will evaluate specific organ toxin congestion from stress and our modern lifestyles. Next, she will develop a customized organ decongestion and metabolic stimulation program just for you.

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Click here for a list of services Dr. Aurore offers: Consults are $150, but as always- the first one is absolutely free!

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Aurore-Vedic Acne Program