The Metabolic Face-Lift Facial

Your time is valuable!  You deserve a therapeutic facial that can:

  • Increase Your ENERGY
  • Activate Your METABOLISM
  • Stimulate your IMMUNITY
  • Make you LOOK & FEEL 10 years younger!

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What good is looking YOUNGER-if you don’t FEEL YOUNGER??

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The Aurore-Vedic Metabolic Face-Lift Facial is a breakthrough advancement in anti-aging. Utilizing ayurvedic marma points, ayurvedic diet and herbs, craniosacral release, cymatic frequency and cryotherapy.
Dr. Aurore provides a comprehensive therapeutic facial, that stimulates your entire metabolism and lymph system-as well as alleviating fine lines, deep wrinkles, dark spots and premature aging.

How Does the Metabolic Face-Lift Facial Compare with Other Anti-Aging Treatments?    Did you know that the new facial machines like Radio-Frequency and Pulsed-Light (laser) lack long-term research and results?

Because of this, many people are creating their own case-studies on these anti-aging machines and a quick search through Google turns up many people complaining about permanent damage to the dermis as the result of these treatments and just as many patients complain they have not been adequately informed of the dangers and side-effects. One thing that alerted me about the ethics of this procedure is that during the research for this article I found many complaints about RF on the web, specifically through “Real Self” and when I went to add sources to this article many of them have been removed (not to my surprise, as this has happened before when I wrote my book on the dangers of breast implants), So do your research thoroughly!

Not to fear, my Metabolic Face-Lift Facial, tightens the skin and strengthens the organs through ancient methods such as TCM/Ayurveda, chromatic frequency (medically graded color filters) from Dr. Dinshah, Craniosacral as developed through Dr. Upledger and tried and true diet secrets because, because when it’s all said and done-Beauty and Health come from the INSIDE OUT!  I help you look and feel the best you can be, in the safest way possible.

After 1st Treatment!

“I saw Dr. Aurore in Ann Arbor for my skin for three years, when she moved her office to Birmingham, I started driving out to see her again.  It always amazes me how one or two treatments will completely remove the lines between my brow.  I have also done her Aurore-Vedic detox and have seen tremendous results on my skin as well!”

– Tara McKnight, Ann Arbor

Facial Surgeon and founder of the Life Style Face-Lift, Dr. David Kent describes it, “As a refreshing skin care alternative, that is preventative, effective and healthy for the whole body.”

Are you at a cross-road between health & beauty?

We all enjoy a relaxing facial for exfoliation and deep cleaning, but these simple spa methods are simply not enough to combat the signs of aging. What do we do?

Because of a lack of viable alternatives, many of us turn to visiting the plastic surgeon or dermatologist office, seeking faster and more comprehensive results for our time and money. Inevitably, this choice sets up a type of life-long carousel ride, with more and more frequent visits.

Studies show that:


Choose health! Pixie Fox is only 25 years old! Botox, fillers and plastic surgery has left her looking 3 times her age!  This could be you!

We can definitively say, that women over 40 need anti-aging alternatives that are aggressive but also SAFE!  

Proven Results, Save Time and Money!

Because my motto is: “Women’s health comes first…..” and what good is looking good if you don’t feel good?

My anti-aging program and Aurore-Vedic Face-Lift Facial is recommended every six to eight weeks to prevent age acceleration, fight wrinkles and keep the collagen and elastin proteins in the dermis tight.  Think of a brick wall with mortar joints that becomes loose.

Also, if your not ready to go au naturel, NO PROBLEM!  The program and facial works amazing as bi-monthly substitute and a way to go longer in-between your Derm and Medi appointments!

Click here to read more testimonials!

Read more about the Aurore-Vedic health style in my book series!

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