The Radio Show


Tune in and call in on Dr. Aurore’s radio show, based on her book series-Beyond Natural Cures.  In her revolutionary and inspirational radio program she interviews people, doctors and celebrities that have undergone tremendous health and life issues and then looks for core body/mind (psycho-somatic) connections that block or impede ultimate healing.

Here are some of Dr. Aurore’s guests and interviews ( Don’t forget to join Dr. Aurore’s Soundcloud, Twitter and Facebook:

the FAN interview
Dr. Aurore interviews Judge Davis, listen below on youtube!


Beyond Natural Cures the Books
Dr. Aurore presents her books

Breast implant syndrome
Dangers of breast implants, listen here on soundcloud, below!

 Dr. Aurore show on Breast Implants on SOUNDCLOUD, Beyond Natural Cures


Overcoming Addiction interviews Dr. Aurore on body/mind natural health and overcoming addiction and chronic illness.

Dr. Aurore’s-Overcoming  Childhood Trauma and how it relates to addiction

Dr. David Chengelis- Beaumont Weight Loss Surgeon, Owner and CEO of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery in Royal Oak, MI.


Frank Turner-Former 2 times Emmy Award winning News Anchor from Channel 7 News, Motivational Speaker and Pastor.


and much more…..

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Excellent legal representation for a reasonable flat rate! Have them fight your ticket today!

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