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The Weight Loss Professionals of Birmingham is a group of metabolic, allopathic/naturopathic body and mind experts that have come together to provide you with everything you need to get to your goal weight.  Because every person is unique and shares a unique constitution and weight loss journey, the Weight Loss Professionals are dedicated to give you the support and help you need to overcome your biggest weight loss obstacles. Looking good and feeling good-finally coincide!


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“Nature Heals” Dr. Aurore, Birmingham, MI

Aurore Henze, NHD: Ayurvedic naturopath doctor, Author of four books on natural health (including weight loss), studied body/mind psychology with a licensed psychologist for 4 years, also licensed in skin care.  Dr. Aurore uses specialized ayurvedic detoxes, diet, orgonomic homeopathy, emotional release, magnetic acupuncture and cymatic frequency to remetabolize the body and stimulate congested organs and endocrine. She offers natural solutions to weight loss- her basic formula for treatment is: charge>release>rebuild>heal

“Dr. Aurore’s approach is refreshing, she taught me how to metabolize my body to burn fat and lose weight without expensive supplements and trendy diets.” -Tara McKnight, Ann Arbor

You can read some of her weight loss articles here:

Dr. Aurore’s Facebook   Dr. Aurore’s Twitter    Dr. Aurore’s Books

Phone number: 248-496-7313

Wellness, NP
Marian has the medical tools to support you on your weight loss journey

Marian Kahn of Wellness NP.  Marian is medical weight loss Nurse Practitioner that offers many different clinical modalities to locate causes of weight gain and offer practical solutions and testing such as EKG, urinalysis, testing and FDA approved diet medication. Many clients have had successful weight loss results under Marian’s supervision and she offers continuing weight loss and health solutions such as IV hydration and also B and Lypodermic injections. She has an on-site dietitian.  For more information review Marian’s pages and testimonials below;

“There is no magic cure for losing weight but the entire staff  (at Wellness NP) creates a supportive community that makes losing weight a goal that is within reach.” Cynthia, Ferndale, MI

Website: Wellness, NP of Michigan          Facebook       Ph: 248-721-9878

Innovative plastic surgeon
Dr. Karaca,the compassionate Plastic Surgeon.-choices that are  right for you.

Dr. Karaca, THE Birmingham Plastic Surgeon, Board Certified.  Progressive and thoughtful in beauty & health.  Natural results, advanced non-surgical alternatives. Dr. Karaca brings the innovations of the West Coast to the Mid-West at a fraction of the price. As a woman’s health advocate he offers many choices to lose weight and tighten skin, both surgical and non. “There is no reason why looking good and feeling good cannot coincide, I specialize in giving patients a variety of treatments that are right for them.  My specialized  Body Perfect Rejuvenation Program helps you lose inches and tighten lose skin from weight loss. I am honored to offer my 30 years of technique and knowledge to this community and work with others who feel the same”

“Dr. Karaca is always kind, considerate and gentle. He explains his procedures thoroughly. His smile greets me each and every time. “


Dr. Karaca’s Website       Twitter       PH: 248-642-1020

Dr. Chengalis Bariatric Surgeon
Highly esteemed bariatric surgeon , received best Docs twice in hour magazine.

Dr. Chengelis, is a board certified highly specialized bariatric/laparoscopic surgeon, voted best Doctor twice in Hour Detroit Magazine.  “Obesity can cause a lot of physical and mental anguish, I know that people are struggling and don’t know who or where to go to for help-I work with a network of talented individuals-that care.  People’s lives change from bariatric surgery and I am here to help them find health and balance again.”

Dr. Chengelis has published his research in both general surgery and vascular surgery journals and most recently, articles documenting his participation and research in the field of weight loss surgery.  He has presented his work before major scientific/medical communities.

Dr.Aurore had the honor of interviewing Dr. Chengelis-click below to hear his amazing thoughts on the obesity epidemic.

Dr. David Chengelis- Beaumont Weight Loss Surgeon, Owner and CEO of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery in Royal Oak, MI.

Please listen to Dr. Aurore and Dr. Chengelis amazing weight loss and obesity epidemic interview by clicking above!


Dr, Chengelis Website        Twitter             PH; (248) 291-6516

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